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 Defibrillators save lives! 

 Be prepared in medical emergencies. 

 At oneCirculatory arrest the chance of survival decreases

10% per minute, if there is no AED on site. 

Defibrillators (AED), emergency systems & Accesories

Saving lives in crucial moments

Save lives quickly and safely: From autonomous defibrillators to unique, intelligent first aid emergency systems, you will find everything with us!

We are your partner for defibrillators, accessories & intelligent emergency systems
As a neutral and brand-independent specialist retailer for AEDs (automatic external defibrillator) and other products relating to resuscitation, you can obtain defibrillators and accessories from various manufacturers from us.


​We will work with you to find the best possible, individual solution for YOUR personal needs. We provide precise advice for homes, companies, communities and sports clubs.

Let us advise you! We would be happy to recommend the product that ideally suits you and your needs.

Saving lives with IoT technologies: The intelligent emergency management system for communities, cities and companies

Smart defibrillators for quick help: Protection against medical emergencies with Lifetec ONE

Municipalities, cities, hotels, shopping centers and companies: they all want to offer the highest possible level of security to the people who stay with them. This also includes protection against the consequences of medical emergencies, especially cardiac arrhythmias. Automated external defibrillators (AED) are being installed in many places. Whether these will function in an emergency is anything but certain, even with regular checks.

Vandalism, technical malfunctions and temperatures that are too high or too low can render the battery-operated AEDs out of service. In addition, in an emergency, lay first aiders are often overwhelmed by the situation and how to operate the equipment, which leads to errors and loss of time.

In an emergency, every second counts!Lifetec has upgraded conventional defibrillators with IoT technologies and developed them into a smart emergency management system. First responders are supported in their actions in real time via the Swisscom 4G network by a medical specialist from the emergency call center. The LIFETEC ONE system automatically transmits its location to the emergency call center.

 Find the right system for your company! 

Save lives quickly and safely: The first aid emergency system with integrated AED LIFETEC ONE automatically connects the first aider to the emergency call center 144. A medical specialist guides the first aider step by step through the necessary immediate aid measures.
Fear, panic, uncertainty and stress are reduced.


Find out more in a free, personal consultation.

Advantages of the LIFETEC ONE system at a glance

Direct connection to the emergency call center 144

A direct voice connection to the emergency center 144 within seconds

24/7 system monitoring and remote maintenance

24-hour system monitoring and remote maintenance - completely worry-free


Developed and manufactured in Switzerland

Professional support from the 144th

Immediate telephone support from a medical professional

Automatic SMS alert

Automatic alerting of company paramedics/trained first aiders on site via SMS

Swisscom IoT cloud solution
and M2M technology

Connected in real time through modern technology

GPS and location storage

GPS localization leads rescue workers directly to the scene of the incident

Medical kit & Ventilation mask

Everything at hand:

First aid kit and respirator mask

Real-time CPR feedback
(for ZOLL AED3)

Step-by-step instructions with real-time CPR feedback during chest compressions

 SAVING LIVES begins with your request 

Would you like more information or a personal consultation?

Contact us and help save lives.

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